An exciting start to PcP FAIrfax

It has been about a month since PCP Fairfax has opened its doors. Los Angeles has welcomed us with open arms and we are excited for what lies on the horizon. Taking the Australian cafe service format to Los Angeles was a formidable task, but with the help of PCP Sydney’s key players, the process has been quite rewarding. PCP Sydney’s general manager, Dylan Johnson, and head barista, Kobi Morris, flew down on separate occasions with heaps of knowledge and delicious Australian-roasted coffees in hand. Everything at the Los Angeles location was critiqued and tailored for maximum efficiency, from coffee extraction percentages, proper bar organization, customer interaction, and cafe ambiance, to create the optimal cafe experience. PCP Fairfax’s general manager, Charis Lynn (also from Sydney) has been working around the clock to facilitate and maintain the standard of service that is expected from PCP and it has been nothing but slam dunks.

The community surrounding PCP Fairfax is outstanding--we were taken aback by the incredibly welcoming and supportive Fairfax neighbors. We are excited to be in the neighborhood and thrilled to be serving them.

A big part of the PCP experience which we are excited to showcase is our the food program. Our friend, Ben Hoppkins, also visited from Sydney to collaborate on a menu with Los Angeles-based chef Wilfredo Majano and it has resulted in stellar dishes. Standing out on the menu: The Dirty Bird, Pork Shoulder Roti, and Frijoles y Queso. Chef Wilfredo continues to curate the menu, frequently introducing dishes that are fresh and delicious.

The coffee selection at PCP Fairfax is off to a great start. Some of the Australian brands we carry include Small Batch, Seven Seeds, Reuben Hills, Marvell St, and Everyday; we are also lucky enough to feature Square Mile from the UK and Fuglen from Japan. Serving these world-renowned brands for our opening weeks allowed us time to explore some American roasters; a few that stand out are Heart, Sweet Bloom, Elm and George Howell. These are currently stocked at the cafe and you can expect a few more additions very soon!

This has been an exciting start to PCP Fairfax and we’re looking forward to our future here with you. You can expect residencies taking place very soon. In the meantime, come in and have a coffee with us.


Nick Rodriguez
Lead Barista